We analyze the information, trends, viability and conceptualize a great business concept that is future orientated and sustainable.


Our team of experts put in hours of hard work and drink lots of coffee to develop your brand new business in a very short amount of time.


You get to review your new business and request the necessary changes to make sure you are 100% satisfied with the quality of work.


All you have to do now is to press the launch button of your brand new business and to make your very first sale.

A TURNKEY Startup Setup Solution in less than 30 days.


Your Business Profile is a short breakdown of your entire business concept that you can use for further development, funding and investment purposes.

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Data Gathering & Analysis

We start by gathering the information needed to register and build your new business. During this process you also get to reflect on the finer details of your business idea before the real action starts.

Business Conceptualization

We take all the information we have gathered including aspects of your personal background, profile, what problems you solve for whom, how, where and why – throw it into a hat and conceptualize a re-defined and viable business idea that is future-orientated, profitable and scalable.

Finalize Viable Business Name

Having an effective and unique business name that stands out from the crowd is sometimes hard to define. Your name should tell your customers exactly what you do and how you do it. Other important aspects to consider is name availability during company registration, website URL’s, Social Media Usernames and search Engine Optimization.

Business Description

We will help you formulate an effective business description to let customers and investors know who you are, what problems you solve, for whom, how, where and why – all for you 30 seconds business pitch.

Business Slogan / Tag Line

Apart from your business name, a great slogan or tag line should become your companies trademark that will be remembered as part of your brand.

Business Ownership Details

This forms part of your Business Profile needed for applying for new accounts and information requested by customers and investors.

Unique Value Proposition

To outwit your competitors, you should have a unique approach, product or service that you can offer to your clients. We will help you define a unique value proposition that your customers cannot resist.

Market Share Indication

You need to make sure that you have a big enough market share in your industry to secure big profits and future growth.

Specify Target Market

Many STARTUPS sometimes struggle to define their real target market. Our experts will provide you with a defined breakdown of your target market.

Listing of Products & Services

Clearly re-define and list your Products and Services professionally and effectively.

Product Pricing Breakdown

Let us help you price your products and services according to industry relevance, customer’s needs and your brand identity.

Company Brand Composition

This specifies your company’s colour scheme, look and feel, level of professionalism and everything else that makes up your brand.


The registration of you company can become a very tedious, costly and frustrating process in starting up your new company and something you want to leave to the experts who works with these processes on daily basis and who knows the right contacts.

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Company Name Reservation

Before you can register your new company, you have to reserve your new business name at the Companies and Intellectual Properties Commission. Our experts will help you to secure your desired business name and avoid getting an appointed name that will haunt you for the rest of your life.

Company PTY (Ltd) Registration

No more standing in queues for days or filling out forms while dealing with unfriendly and incompetent agents to get your company registered. Our team of experts will take care of all the processes swiftly and hassle-free.

Company Shares Certificate

Registering a new company requires the issuing of a shares certificate to indicate the shareholders of the company and the amount of shares issued per shareholder.

Company Tax Registration & Nr

Tax Registration is compulsory for any new business as stipulated by the country’s financial revenue services.

Tax Clearance Certificate

A Tax Clearance Certificate is often required by customers, businesses and governmental institutions that need verification of your tax affairs before entering into contracts, grants, quotes or licenses.

BEE Verification Affidavit

For a business with a turnover of less than R10 million, a B-BBEE certification is not required however you will still have to provide an affidavit to customers, companies and governmental departments requesting verification of your B-BBEE status when applying for funding and tenders and issuing of quotations.

VAT Registration & Certificate

To have your company VAT registered is completely voluntary until you reach a certain threshold of monthly turnover. Depending on your industry and type of customers- being VAT registered is recommended and even required. Being VAT registered also provides credibility in the size of your company and you will also be able to claim back VAT from most of your operational expenses.

Company UIF Registration

When you start hiring people it is recommended to register the company and your employees with the Unemployment Insurance Fund as recommended by the local Labor Law (South Africa). When employees leaves your company due to incapacity or dismissal, they can claim a monthly retainer from the fund for a limited number of months.

Company PAYE Registration

Pay-as-you-earn tax (PAYE) is a withholding tax on income payments to employees. At Employment you are required to register your employees for PAYE with the local financial revenue services (SARS – South Africa)

Company SDL Registration

Skill Development Levey (SDL) is a levy imposed to encourage learning and development in South Africa and is determined by an employer’s salary bill. The funds are to be used to develop and improve skills of employees. If you register your employees for SDL you are able to deduct 1% of their salary towards SDL and then claim back some of the training costs through your registered SETA.

FNB Business Bank Account

No need to waste time or stand in queues to open your business account. Our team will take care of opening your account on your behalf – securely and privately.

Letter of Good Standing

Be ready for that first tender, loan or investment by having a professional letter of good standing prepared by our team of experts.

Usernames & Passwords

Once your business is completely developed we will provide you with the key to your business as a professional document with all the URLs, usernames and passwords to your Websites, Social Media, Accounts and more.


Your company brand is the most important aspect of your new company that will fuel your incoming sales leads. There can be no short-cuts or compromise in quality when it comes to your brand. Your customer’s first impression and opinion will determine the future success of your business.

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Company Logos x 3 Types

We provide you with three versions of your stunning company logo (Square | Landscape | Icon) that will appeal to your industry, client base and showcase a professional and modern brand.

Website Favicon

Your Website favicon is the small tiny logo that appears next to your website URL. Make sure you make a good impression when your customers have your website tab open in their browser.

Social Media Banners x 6

Your brand appearance on your social media platforms needs to be as strong and powerful as your website and other areas where you showcase your new business. Our team of experts will design a stunning background image for each social platform that unifies your brand and will look great on any device.

Letterhead x 2 Versions

Anyone can slap down a logo and contact details on a letterhead. Why not WOW your clients when sending them a formal letter that shouts unique, clean and professional.

Email Footer

Your email footer will showcase a professional look and feel of your brand customized for each of your employees including your email terms and conditions.

Business Card Design

Avoid being labeled as average when you hand out your business card. Our industry specialisits will make sure you have business card that is unique and professional that will WOW your customers and to bve remembered.

A5 Digital Marketing Flier

Your A5 digital flier will give you a head start to promote your new business online or as a printed marketing tool.

Pull-Up Banner Design

Your pull-up banner is highly mobile and usefull for your first expo or demonstration that is location based. Our experts will make sure that your banner design attracts attention and provides a clear message to your audience.

Newsletter Template

Your newsletter email send to your customers needs to reflect a true version of your brand. Avoid your emails being send to the trash before they are read – Our email template designs are clean, professional and effective.

Brand Color Compilation

Make sure you get the correct representation of your brand every time you need to create new material for your business. We will provide you with your color brand compilation for prints and production.

3 x Start-Up Written Referrals

Our team will provide you with three great Written Referreals that you can feature on your website to build credability. After all – we know how awesome business you have…

3 x StartUp Referral Videos

Our team will provide you with three great referral videos to be used on your site or social media to add to the credability of your business.


Having a strong visible online presence for your business is critical. The more visible the better chance of getting new leads and sales. Make sure you stay current with the latest tools that will put you first on the list when people search for your products or services.

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E-Learning Training Platform

Do you want to sell courses, workshops or training online? We will setup your entire LMS platform where you can setup and manage your own courses, assessment structures and certification.

E-Commerce Online Shop / Cart

Does your business sell products online? We will help you setup your online shopping cart with access to add and manage your own products, customers, sales and more…

Online Invoicing System

Do you need and invoicing system for your customers? No worries – we will provide you with a professional online invoicing system that keeps track of all your client payments, sends out automated invoices and notifications and allow your customers to view and pay their invoices online.

Online Payment Gateway

Want your customers to pay via Instant EFT, Credit card or Paypal? We will assist in setting up the best recommended payment gateway that will integrate with your LMS, Shopping cart or invoicing system.

Service Price Table Grid

Do you have different payment options for your customers on offer? We will help you neatly display your products and services in a modern pricing table optimized for all devices.

Website Hosting & Maintenance (1-Yr)

With each package we provide a free one-year hosting and maintenance contract. We take care of your website security and make sure your site is up and running 24/7.

Website URL Local (

Securing the best URL for your website is key for customers to find your business when searching for related products and services. We ill help you register the best possible available local URL that will yield the best search results.

Website URL International (.com)

It is important to register and securing a suitable .com domain during the registration of your business for future expanding of your business internationally. If you have a local business we will point the .com domain to your local business website till you are ready to go big.

Complete Conversion Website

We pride ourselves as the authority of Website Integrity. Clean design and simple navigation is key but we belief that your site should be used for no other reason than to convert your leads into profits. Huge clumsy information websites are a thing of the past – Your customers either needs to sign-up, book, click, contact or buy on your site.

Website Content (Text & Images)

Many companies will build your website and leave it up to you to add your own content. Unfortunately more than 80% of business owners writing their own content focus on themselves, their products and services and trying to sell themselves instead of focusing on the product of the product and what it is in for the client. Copy writing is an art and if done incorrectly can chase away your clients rather than invite them to do business with you.

Email Address Setup - Unlimited

You have the option to create an unlimited number of email accounts for your business. We ill start by setting up the most important emails addresses for your site and employees.

Contact Form (With Google Map)

Your website contact form is one of the places where your customers will make contact with you. Did you know that more than 50% of potential customers are lost due to poorly setup website contact form fields and layout? Let you customers know where to find you by integrating a Google Maps API into your contact form.


Your Social Media Platforms should bear the same professional brand impression as your website and other marketing material that will be used as the starting point of your marketing funnel. The effective use of social media marketing will ensure targeted lead conversions and sales.

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Social Media Account Setup x 6

We will help you to create your social media accounts and setup your stunning brand pages from where you will start your marketing campaigns.

Social Media icons & Intergration

From your website, we will help you create your social media back links so people can easily click and follow you on your social media.

Social Media Web Verification

Some of the social media platforms requires you to verify your Website before you can start your marketing campaigns and to get better results as a verified user. We will integrate and verify your website in a jiffy.

25 Social Subscribers / Likes

Our Team will be the first to like your social media pages and so you can claim your brand pages username.

Social Unique Username Claim

Don’t send your customers an unverified and long social media username. Let us help you claim your username that you can use as hashtag when you build your unique business brand.

Youtube Channel Setup

List all your testimonial, brand and product review videos on your own YouTube Channel and link them to your site. Pictures speaks a 1000 words – Videos…


Avoid being sued or loosing money on CCMA and court cases due to the neglect of implementing proper legal aspects into your business. Lets get everything in place and have piece of mind before you open your doors for business.

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Shareholders Aggreement

The shareholders agreement is setup during the company registration process. If you have one or more partners you need to clearly define the roles and responsibilities of the shareholders.

Standard Company MOI

The Memorandum of Incorporation is a document that sets out the rights, duties and responsibilities of shareholders, directors and others within a company and is setup during the company registration process.

Custom Company MOI

The Memorandum of Incorporation is a document that sets out the rights, duties and responsibilities of shareholders, directors and others within a company and is setup during the company registration process. Custom changes can be requested to the MOI if you have one and more shareholders in your company.

Terms & Conditions

Every business needs to have a company terms and conditions that sets our the standard procedures and conditions to your customers and staff relevant to your business operations and requirements.

Privacy Policy

The Protection of Personal Information Act, No 4 of 2013 promotes the protection of personal information by public and private bodies. It is compulsory for any South African business to have a Privacy policy in place that can be viewed by anyone at any time. Avoid high legal fees or being closed down by not being compliant.

Company Code Of Conduct

The company code of conduct is a company reference document in line with the labor law act of South Africa that indicates the different types and level of offenses committed by your employees and the recommended action to be taken whether it be a written warning, Final Written warning, hearing or dismissal. Be prepared and avoid unnecessary CCMA cases, money and frustration.

What will my Investment be?

“Now you do not have to wait for months to have your business up and running…”


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